APPROXIMATE ALBUM SALES TO DATE – 7,000,000 (equivalent of 70 times Platinum)

AWARDS – 12 (record of the year/MTV Asia best album)

DOWNLOADS – 1,000,000

Simon Henderson biography
Born in Chiswick, London in 1965, Simon started in the music business as a drummer at the age of nine playing concerts in the UK.In the 1980’s he started various bands sometimes playing drums, keyboards, guitar or
even main vocals. Groups include Tarazara, The Kick, Kou, Sin and Lunch
with the President co-producing with producer Gus Dudgeon (producer of Elton John, David Bowie, and Chris Rea). It should be noted that Gus
was Simon’s mentor and inspiration to become a producer himself, and therefore Simon learned many tips and skills from Gus.Simon’s first album production credit was ‘Insha Allah by a band called NASA in 1990, the title track was used in the Mickey Rourke movie ‘Wild Orchid’. Among Simon’s credits he has composed a Rock Musical called Overture’ starring John Miles, Lon Satton and Lenny Zakatec (from The Alan Parsons Project) and a concept album entitled The Black Book.Simon produced and released Aural Pleasure for his own label,Inter Aspect (UK), distributed by Total/BMG in 1996. With a solid Rock background Simon has produced everything from Rock to Country, Pop to Dance. You can find his work on many a turntable via various remixes including Wubble U and Alex Reece, very much dominating the underground dance scene of Europe in 1997.In 1998 he was recruited by Grammy Entertainment PCL, Thailand and has now sold in excess of 6 million albums, and picked up no less than 10 record of the year awards, plus one MTV ‘Best Rock Album’ Award in 2005. Simon produced the Thai Rock band Silly fools for 5 albums and this made him a household name in Thai Music business, winning Best Artist,Best Album and Best Rock Band 3 years consecutively. The last album called King-size was the fastest selling album in Thailand ever, topping over 800,000 CDs. Now very well known in Asia, he wrote and recorded an album for Briony released on Japanese label Toshiba EMI & FUJI Music Publishing.Next up was the Hangman album with Toe (singer of Silly Fools) released in the middle of 2007 and has sold 120,000 CDs to date plus the top 3 fastest selling download.Simon worked as Music Production Manager on “SUTASI” for Asia Sounds Pty Ltd as Music Production Manager in September 2007 for a year.In 2008 Simon discovered a new band called “ABUSE THE YOUTH” entertaining the crowd outside a Hangman live concert video shoot. After a chat with the their manager, Simon took them into his studio in Bangkok and recorded the album “Underskin” (released on Mind the Gap/Sony).After a brief stint in LA California, Simon moved back to the UK to work with some Independent bands and solo artists (yet to be released).

In 2010 Simon went to India and produced the album “Ringside View” for the band “CASSINI’S DIVISION” for HMV/Saregama, the album was released in September 2010. He originally met the band while working with “Sutasi” in 2007 and at that time recorded a 4 track demo with the band in just 4 short days.

Simon produced a single written and performed by Robin Gibb and Peter Andre as yet unreleased.

Trivia fans may be interested to know that Simon was previously an actor and among other things appeared in Star Wars (the original first movie shot in 1976) as a Jawa and played the character of Rock guitarist ‘Eddie Hunter’ inBBC’s Eastenders in 1986.